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Laser Cleaning

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What is Laser Cleaning

Controlled removal of Surface Material

Laser cleaning utilizes laser ablation technology.

Energy from an irradiating laser beam is absorbed into the surface material resulting in its removal via evaporation or sublimation. With a highly controllable process and very selective surface removal, substrate material will not be damaged.

Time-consuming enclosure set ups for blasting is no longer necessary. The entire process is entirely environmentally-friendly, removing the need to dispose of hazardous chemical wastes.


Potential Applications


Removal of rust/contaminants on metallic surfaces such as pipes/plates without damaging substrate material

Oxide removal

Cleaning of surfaces for welding preparation


Removal of paint

Preparation for NDT

Selective cleaning of surface in preparation for non-destructive testing

Mould cleaning

Plastics/rubber moulds that require gentle yet effective cleaning without damaging moulds

Oil/Grease Removal

Vaporizes contaminants without use of chemicals

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